About the Farm

Since 2012, Tyger River Smart Farm, Inc. has utilized greenhouse and hydroponic technologies to grow the freshest, cleanest produce in the upstate of South Carolina. Located in Reidville, SC, our location puts us between Spartanburg and Greenville providing easy access to most to the upstate. Our farm is committed to growing safe, delicious food in a sustainable and responsible manner.



Our 13,000 sq ft, fully automated greenhouse houses advanced equipment capable of producing thousands of items a week. It has natural gas heaters, recirculating fans, exhaust fans, mechanical vents, and an evaporative cooler that aid in controlling the temperature and humidity. The automatic, retracting shade system also helps with temperature control and light levels. LED grow lights specific to photosynthesis provide supplemental lighting during the winter months when solar light levels are too low for growing crops. We even have carbon dioxide generators to enrich the surrounding air if the levels become low. Approximately 1,500 sqft of the greenhouse is dead space reserved for an insect screen, providing a physical barrier to pests entering the greenhouse. The crown jewel of all of the greenhouse equipment is the environmental controller. It is responsible for sensing environment conditions and integrating all of the equipment through computer logic to produce a consistent environment year round.


We utilize a type of hydroponics referred to as a NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique). Basically, the plants are housed in 12" long plastic channels that flow with a constant stream of nutrient infused water. Excess nutrient water is collected at the end of the channel and returned to the main storage tanks. The nutrient water is then pumped from the main storage tanks back into the plastic channels. Thus, no water or nutrients is ever wasted.  The same environmental controller in the greenhouse is responsible for maintaining optimum nutrient and pH levels in the storage tanks.

The plants begin their journey in a different type of hydroponic system. All of our plants start as seeds that are germinated in our propagation room. This room is completely enclosed and controlled with central heat and air. There is a multi-level, ebb and flow hydroponic system that supplies the seeds with the required moisture and maximizes our available space. The resulting seedlings are grown with LED lights and are transferred to the greenhouse after 1-2 weeks.