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We specialize in growing leafy green vegetables including lettuce, herbs, and greens. Our offerings do change from time to time, so please contact us concerning produce availability.

  • Lettuce

    • Bibb (Butterhead/Buttercrunch)

    • Romaine

    • Oak Leaf

    • Summercrisp

    • Multileaf

    • Lolla Rossa

  • Herbs

    • Basil

    • Cilantro

    • Dill

    • Parsley

  • Greens

    • Arugula

    • Kale

    • Asian Greens Mix


Our produce is grown right here in the heart of the upstate. It is on your plate within a few days of harvest. It doesn’t have to ride on a truck or plane thousands of miles. Thus, our produce is from “farm to table”, resulting in freshness and conserving fossil fuels and other resources.


Our produce is harvested with the roots still attached. The plants are still alive! As long as the roots are kept wet (don’t drown them), the plants will stay just-picked-fresh for several weeks in the refrigerator...or on your kitchen counter.


No Dirt

Our produce is grown using hydroponics inside a greenhouse.  Hydroponics is a growing method where the roots are grown in nutrient water rather than soil.  Therefore, no dirt comes into contact with our plants, whereas field-grown greens are in close proximity to the ground.  Our entire operation is in an enclosed environment during planting, growing, harvesting, and packaging eliminating outdoor influences such as wildlife or adverse weather.  We also clean and sanitize our facilities on a daily basis to prevent contamination by harmful organisms.

No Harmful Chemicals

We do not use any harmful or toxic pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides in our growing process.  We utilize an integrated pest management system.  Our primary method of pest control is to exclude them from the greenhouse with physical barriers.  We also monitor and manage the crops daily to identify and eradicate any potential problems.  If we were to ever have a large outbreak or infestation, our last result would be to use a OMRI Listed substance (approved for use in USDA certified organic operations).  We want to be fully transparent in our methods and reserve the right to use an organic product if ever needed.  Fortunately, our history shows that such an event is extremely rare and we do not anticipate the need.  Finally, our operation is run using a 500 ft. deep well and the water is neither filtered or treated.



Our farm utilizes several methods to conserve energy and resources.  We have PV solar panels capable of producing enough electricity to power our entire operation.  The headhouse (harvesting, packaging, office, etc) is insulated with high R-value spray foam insulation.  Most of our lighting is energy efficient LED lights.  We capture and recirculate the water and nutrients used in our growing processes, using only 10% of the amount used in conventional farming.  Our greenhouse environmental controller is extremely sophisticated and operates the equipment in a very efficient manner.


Our greenhouse allows us to minimize the land used for growing, producing more than 10 times the amount of conventional farming in a similar area.  Our re-circulation process reduces pressures on the environment by conserving water and nutrients.  There is also zero fertilizer or pesticide runoff into surrounding lands or water sources.  Also, we feel that our greatest growing tool is the sun’s boundless, free energy! 

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